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Dental Tips for Pregnant Patients

When you’re expecting, dental health is an important consideration, not only for you, but for your new addition also. Ideally, you may want to make a dental appointment when you are planning your pregnancy in order to have your teeth professionally cleaned, your oral health examined, and any problems treated in advance. Your dentist will

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Getting Your Smile Ready for Graduation Day

The time has come and you’re finally graduating, getting ready for a celebration that shows all your hard work and achievements! Congratulations! Graduations are exciting events, a transition time moving you on toward a new chapter in your life. Your graduation presents a wonderful opportunity to show your best smile, as family members and friends

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Reducing the Risks to Your Child’s Teeth While Playing Sports

It’s almost summer and there are so many great benefits for children who play summer sports. Among these are the physical activity, social interaction, self-esteem building, along with encouragement of healthy eating habits and a check with the doctor and dentist before beginning. While exercise is good for every child’s health, it’s important to make

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Why and How to Clean Your Tongue

Although it’s vital to brush and floss your teeth regularly, if you’re not cleaning your tongue, your oral hygiene routine is not complete. Your tongue is covered in bacteria, which are concealed within all the crevices between the taste buds and other areas. These bacteria can’t just be rinsed away with water or mouthwash. They

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The Dentist’s Top Tips for Halloween Treats and Fun

This Halloween, use your creativity to offer Halloween treats and fun for the kids that won’t cause unwanted sugar highs and crashes or allergy concerns, and just might help to keep their smile cavity-free too. Instead of grabbing the usual assortment of sugary candies, consider planning to help the little ones enjoy the day with items

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Celebrate National Brush Day

The most common chronic childhood disease in the U.S. today is tooth decay, yet it is almost completely preventable. In fact, surveys have shown that parents believe their children’s dental health is a low priority compared to other issues like school safety and nutrition, regardless of the rates of oral disease. In fact, childhood rates

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