At My Plantation Dentist we utilize the most innovative techniques and equipment in the industry.

If you have ever had previous crowns, bridges or implants you are familiar with the traditional impression technique using putty which is then used to create a model for the dental laboratory to then fabricate your new tooth or teeth.

With a digital scanner, a series of pictures are taken with a sleek intraoral camera and files are digitally mailed to our partnering dental labs within a matter of 30 seconds.

There are many advantages of digital impressions for procedures such as crowns, bridges, implants and orthodontics (braces).

Digital Impression Scanning Is:

  • Patient-friendly: Patients no longer experience the unpleasant tray impression process and the gag reflex often associated with it.
  • Fast: approx. 40% faster than conventional impressions.
  • Easy: No more mess!- Patient are no longer left with impression material on their face or clothes.
  • Accuracy: Dental Prosthesis are fitting better than they ever have been before due to the exactness and accuracy of digital imaging.