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Monthly Archives: February

Tips for Proper Care of Your Retainer

Some people believe that retainers will stay clean if you brush your teeth and don’t eat when wearing the retainer. However, cleaning your retainer every time you brush your teeth is as important as brushing your teeth. The unhealthy bacteria that can affect good tooth and gum health can also grow on a retainer. These

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The Treatment of Bruxism with Botox

Approximately 40 million adults are affected by the frequent, and usually involuntary grinding, clenching, or gnashing of their teeth, known as bruxism. Bruxism can occur when either awake or during sleep, and in fact, the risks of clenching or grinding at night is increased when clenching occurs during the day. With bruxism, the grinding force

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The Best Dental Practices During Flu Season

This year’s flu virus is known as h3n2, and the Centers for Disease Control says the flu activity has nearly tripled in the last month in a number of states. In South Florida, many people have been feeling the symptoms, and this year the flu seems to be rapidly spreading, with flu season far from

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