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Monthly Archives: March

Escape the Daily Routine – Plantation Central Park

Most of us are stuck in a monotonous routine of working from home, helping the kids with their schoolwork, and trying to figure out what to eat for dinner while longing for a chance to get out of the house. The thought of going anywhere feels strange now that we are entering our second year

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Dental 101: Fun Facts You May Not Know About Your Teeth

The human body really is amazing, strange, and interesting. We’ve put together some fun tooth facts so you can test your knowledge, impress your friends and family, or simply learn more. Your food must be broken down before entering your digestive system so that your body can absorb the nutrients from it easily. Your teeth

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The Jacaranda Golf Club in Plantation, FL

Come to the best of the best with the Jacaranda Golf Club. They offer the best golf courses in Florida. Both courses have earned a four-star rating and host many various events, including championships and corporate events, and offer clients semi-privacy. The Jacaranda Golf Club is the perfect way to relax and have a good

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