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Teeth Whitening

At My Plantation Dentist, we offer GLO teeth whitening, which is a light and heat based whitening system with accelerated and lasting results and reduced sensitivity.


GLO Teeth Whitening

Over the years, your teeth will naturally stain or yellow due to dark colored drinks, foods, or overall lack of proper hygiene. Although this will not generally cause any health issues, it can become very uncomfortable for people and affect their confidence in smiling and showing their teeth.

At My Plantation Dentist, we are proud partners of the most dentist-recommended teeth whitening systems in the industry, GLO (Guided Light Optic), which allows patients to whiten their teeth while on-the-go, and with minimal supervision by the dentist.

GLO uses light and heat through a portable mouthpiece, which combined with a special whitening gel, will tremendously speed up the whitening process as opposed to other alternatives. The results are faster, more efficient and longer lasting, which reduces sensitivity on the teeth.

Light and Heat Innovation

Accelerated whitening that lasts, without the sensitivity.

Fast and Effective

Hands-free and only 8 minutes per application!

No pain or discomfort

Expect faster results without the sensitivity!

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