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Fig Tree Park in Plantation, Florida

Probably you have visited some fantastic parks and recreational places in Florida and enjoyed every bit of it. However, there is one more relaxed place with the overpowering beauty of nature called Fig Tree Park. The park is located in the plantation town of Florida. The park has many amenities that will leave you and your family yearning for more. From the beautiful green grass that cuts across the gardens covering almost 90 percent ground cover to the modern basketball court and baseball field, indeed, you won’t look for more once you visit Fig Tree Park. 

 After Hurricane Wilma, the park went under renovation to add other recreational space, and there is a free space for renting for social functions. The green and well-trimmed trees provide the best cover for hosting events like wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, and baby shower parties of people not more than 50. The park is designed to cater to all ages because of the amenities built at the park. There is a dedicated place for the kids, including slides and swings that will leave kids busy as you engage with friends over a cup of coffee. This is a dream location for any family gateways. 

 The park has also built some wonderful wooden benches for relaxing and restrooms to enable people to stay comfortably at the park. Children can explore short and green trees whenever they visit the park by climbing and enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer. With some well-maintained pathways, children can ride their bikes freely and enjoy a holiday out. A water point attracts people because of the still clean water with well-kept banks that ensure maximum security. There are also boat rides in the water point and those who love boat riding; then this is your place of choice. For more information, follow this link

Fig Tree Park in Plantation, Florida

 Address: 620 S FIG TREE LN, PLANTATION, FL 33317

Phone number: (954) 797-2200


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