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Making Easter Baskets Fun Without the Cavity Risks

This year, use your creativity to make a fun Easter basket for the kids that won’t cause unwanted sugar highs and crashes, and just might make their dentist smile too. Instead of grabbing the usual assortment of sugary jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and eggs, consider helping your little ones enjoy the holiday with items that will help them be more physically or mentally active, or even just a little cozier.

Consider the container first. Think outside the basket by using a colorful plastic sand pail, and include a shovel and sand molds (and new swimwear could be a nice addition). A new lunch box or bag, backpack or purse might be also be suitable. For your growing gardener, a flowerpot with a packet of spring flower seeds, soil, and gardening gloves

Older kids or teens might appreciate a make-up container with sample sizes of soaps, lotions, lipgloss and nail polish. A fishing tackle box including a few lures and a fishing pole might catch their attention.

There are nearly unlimited choices and many that are wallet-friendly with a little help from dollar stores or clearance tables. Here are a number of great ideas that kids will love:

  • Bags full of fake bugs, dinosaurs
  • Easter themed books, games, puzzles, and coloring books
  • Bath toys, bubble bath and towels
  • Fun bunny ear headbands, easter socks, pastel colored sneakers, decorative laces, or pajamas
  • Egg shaped sidewalk chalk, crayons, felt pens, glue stick, glitter glue
  • Piggy Bank with coins
  • Cuddly bunny blanket, pastel pillow, and bunny slippers
  • Stuffed animal
  • Craft kit for making nearly anything
  • Easter sticker book or rubber stamps and stamp pads
  • Easter designed drinking cups or mugs
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Easter movies with popcorn or movie tickets for older children
  • A jump rope, jacks, frisbee, or balls
  • Edibles such as cheddar bunny crackers or decorated hard boiled eggs

Of course our personal favorite is a selection of novelty toothbrushes, including those in Easter colors or with their favorite cartoon characters along with some fun, flavored fluoride toothpastes!

If you are interested in finding out more about terrific dental health ideas for your children, Dr. Heidi Finkelstein at My Plantation Dentist can help. To schedule an appointment for your child’s examination, please contact us today at 954-584-1030.


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