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Shenandoah Park in Plantation, Florida

Have you ever visited Virginia and wondered where to spend your summer holidays? Wonder no more because Shenandoah Park will offer you an experience of a lifetime. The park covers over 200,000 acres of land with spectacular waterfalls, native songbirds, and wild black bears traversing the Virginia Appalachians. There are plenty of activities to undertake when touring the Shenandoah National Park. 

 Excellent guided tours from rangers will enable you to choose where and when to visit. The rangers are equipped to guide you through what you need to know about the park and the right time to visit. Due to the COVID pandemic, many onsite visits have been reduced, but the rangers are still available to offer virtual support. Rapidan Camp Tour is an important destination that you might need to visit once you plan to spend a vacation at the park. The park is associated with prominent people, including President Herbert and First Lady Lou Henry Hoove, who occasionally spent time at the camp during the summer holidays. However, you should book for reservations early enough, preferably six months in advance, to get the spot.

 Digital passes at the main entrance are what characterizes heighten security checks when visiting the pass. In addition, there are is payable fees that go towards improving service delivery to visitors and park maintenance. However, there are specific days of the year, especially holidays, when people are allowed to access the park for free. 

 The Shenandoah National Park boasts some of the best access tarmac roads that people can use when traversing the park. The tarmac roads are made for easy sharing between those on bikes and those walking. There are also specific areas where bikes are not allowed in the park. If you are a hiking lover, this is the best place for you because of the rocky mountain overlooking the woody valleys. Visit the website link attached for more information

 Shenandoah National Park 

Address: 14601 SW 14TH STREET, PLANTATION, FL 33317

 Phone: (540) 999-3500


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