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Monthly Archives: March

The Facts about Your Teeth and Cavities

Almost everyone has some cavities. In fact, at least 90 percent of the population does, but it’s likely nobody wants another one. In its early stages, tooth decay doesn’t have any noticeable symptoms. Pain isn’t experienced until the condition advances and causes damage to the tooth’s nerve. A cavity left untreated can eventually cause severe

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Making Easter Baskets Fun Without the Cavity Risks

This year, use your creativity to make a fun Easter basket for the kids that won’t cause unwanted sugar highs and crashes, and just might make their dentist smile too. Instead of grabbing the usual assortment of sugary jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and eggs, consider helping your little ones enjoy the holiday with items that

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Why a Dental Implant May Be Your Best Option

After the loss of a tooth occurs, there are many important reasons to consider a dental implant. Certainly the ability to chew the foods you love, an attractive smile, and pleasant breath are all considerations. Additionally, an implant is easier to clean and care for than a bridge or dentures, it can prevent the shifting

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