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What should you do about loose baby teeth?


As parents, we are there for all of our children’s “firsts,” first words, first steps, and most certainly, first teeth.

A baby has tiny developing tooth buds present even before birth. Normally, around 4-7 months those tooth buds give way to shiny white teeth and thereafter, baby teeth make their exit for permanent adult teeth. Expect primary teeth to exfoliate at approximately 6 years of age.

Though, when the right of passage that is permanent teeth arrives, what should we do? Door knobs and pieces of string could have been your growing up experience, however it is recommended using about a gentler approach.

First, communicate with your child what is happening. Depending on how excited or how scared your child is about the experience, make the decision to inform them as much as necessary. Tooth fairy stories are popular, however a little bit of science may help them understand what is happening in their mouth.

So, when that first wiggly tooth makes itself known here are 5 steps to consider:

Don’t attempt to pull it out yourself. Encourage your child to remove the tooth themselves.
Do encourage her to wiggle it with either clean hands or preferably her tongue.
If there is bleeding pack area with wet gauze and apply pressure. Bleeding should be minimal.
Don’t panic if she accidentally swallows it. Swallowing a tooth won’t cause any harm
If you are unsure of anything do contact Dr. Finkelstein for you family dentistry needs.
Do not try to loosen teeth if they are not becoming loose on their own.

Eventually your child will lose all their baby teeth and it will be important to maintain the permanent ones in good, healthy conditions.

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