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Reducing the Risks to Your Child’s Teeth While Playing Sports

It’s almost summer and there are so many great benefits for children who play summer sports. Among these are the physical activity, social interaction, self-esteem building, along with encouragement of healthy eating habits and a check with the doctor and dentist before beginning.

While exercise is good for every child’s health, it’s important to make sure that their teeth are protected. Regardless of the sport or skill level, wearing a mouth guard can help to keep their teeth, tongue, lips, jaw and face more secure from injury. Although contact sports may be higher-risk sports for injuries to the mouth, participants in non-contact activities can certainly experience dental injuries too. 

Wearing a mouth guard can help to reduce the risks. A mouth guard generally covers the upper teeth and can help cushion blows to the face and minimize the risk of broken teeth. The top teeth are more at danger as they protrude more, whereas the bottom teeth are somewhat more protected as they are further back. A mouth protector is also a good way to protect the soft tissues of the lips, tongue, and cheek lining along with the face and jaw when properly fitted. 

A mouth guard that has been custom made by a dentist is the best, as they are individually created for comfort and fit. However, there are other options if affordability is an issue. Boil and bite protectors are widely available at drugstores and sporting goods stores. These mouth guards are boiled to soften them, then inserted in the mouth and formed to the teeth.

Those who wear braces may find it particularly important to wear a mouth protector as the brackets could be damaged and the gums and cheeks injured. In fact, a mouth guard which covers the lower teeth may be suggested by the dentist if teeth have braces. Additionally, retainers and other removable appliances shouldn’t be worn during participation in sports.

Preventing injuries to the mouth and face is vital during organized sports and other recreational activities. Most parents are aware of the benefits of good dental health, and taking care of their children’s oral health by protecting their teeth and mouth should be an important part of it.

If you would like more information about protecting your child’s teeth and mouth with a mouth guard while participating in sports, Dr. Heidi Finkelstein and her caring staff at My Plantation Dentist can help. To schedule your appointment, please contact us today at 954-584-1030.

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